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                               HELP SENIOR HORSES HAVE A HAPPY RETIREMENT 

In southern Italy, at a riding school in Campania, reside two horses that are in need of our help to ensure them a well-deserved retirement. Gummy Bear is a 23-year-old riding school horse and Riharna is a younger, former jumping horse.

They are tired.

They long to live out their lives in peace.

They deserve a retirement in green pastures.

They have earned restful days filled with carrots and apples and hay.

Our goal is to bring Gummi Bear and Riharna to the Sanctuary in Southern Germany to give them the respite they truly deserve. To join their old friend Miracle, who is retired and was brought up by AWL earlier this year. Miracle is so happy. He has a new lease on life and wants the same for the other horses.

Our campaign will cover the necessary transfer paperwork and veterinary certification, transport of the horses to Germany, and boarding, food and veterinary care for the next year.

Every donation, no matter the size, has an impact.

Animals Without Limits (AWL) is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the care and protection of senior and ill animals. Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to honor these horses and so many other animals.


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